Digital Experience Transformation

Translating Businesses into Digital Platform

Experience Transformation

Enterprises have already transitioned their business processes to digital channels, using the technology available in the previous decade, making themselves more efficient or effective. Today, experience transformation has displaced plain digital transformation and we can help you transform it for your business customer, partner or employee too.

Embracing Cloud

We help in grasping cloud technology with confidence and competence, enabling you to make the right choices to implement diverse technologies and cloud-led services, thanks to our well-established processes and an experienced team of experts.

Enhanced Quality

We offer world-class quality assurance services by combining our technical expertise with the best industry practices to improve the standards of our deliverables and time-to-market while minimizing business risks.


Workforce Management

Customers to reach their revenue targets and spread across geographies

  • Instrumental in achieving $1B+ revenue targets
  • Internationalization support for 15+ languages across the globe  
  • Support for all popular platforms and devices
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Telehealth Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Patients using Bluetooth connected devices​​

  • Transformed a survey app into conversational flows​​
  • Integrated with the latest Bluetooth and BLE devices​​
  • Enable BYOD and wearables

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Parents Engagement

Transformed school ERP (Employee Resource Planning) to PEP (Parent Engagement Platform), helping schools to notify and enhance functionally, end-to-end for parents​

  • Facebook-style student activity timelines​​
  • 87% parents use it every day​
  • Increased referral admissions by 62%
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Thought Leadership

Transformation Journey – Monolithic to Serverless
Microservices Magic & Myths
Serverless E-Commerce Platform

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