DX Transformation Strategy

Transforming digital experience with the right convention, pioneering technology and a holistic approach

Implementation of a customer-centric business paradigm

Make the right technology choices across all digital touchpoints

Synchronous and homogeneous user experience across all channels

Enabling cross-channel and cross-silo coherence that meets the new digital age

Build a user-focused experience that makes interaction with customers, employees, and partners seamless


Our partners in achieving $1B+ revenue targets

Transformed a workforce management system into a workforce engagement platform, supporting 15+ languages across the globe and made the application available across all popular devices and platforms, hence being instrumental in achieving $1B+ revenue targets

An enhanced user experience to increase application adoption

Transformed school ERP (Employee Resource Planning) to PEP (Parent Engagement Platform), helping them to enhance functionally end-to-end resulting in 87% of parents using it every day with a 62% increase in referral admissions.​