Managed Testing

To take a mobile application from potential to profitability, you need a proof of performance on all popular devices, network, and locations across the globe. Testing is the business-critical mile on the road to success.

And testing applications for all possible combination of platforms, devices, locations, and network providers is a huge task, posing following challenges for enterprises:

  • Selection of appropriate infrastructure and tools for automation and test management
  • Huge and continuous investment of money and time to set up a Mobile test lab
  • Achieve early time to market
  • Specialized testing needs for
    • Localized and white-labelled applications
    • Compliance to Industry standards like HIPAA, Section -508 etc.
    • Compliance with platform, operator and enterprise specific App Stores guidelines
    • Integration with various EMM tools like AirWatch, MobileIron etc.
    • User Experience, Security and Performance

Mobility Test Strategy

We define successful mobile test strategy that aligns to your business goals, customer value offering and time to market priorities. It consists of:

  • Define the testing objective
  • Identify the target platforms, devices and networks
  • Identify the testing methodology
  • Selection of appropriate test management and automation framework/tools
  • Setup mobile test lab
  • Define QA process and benchmarks
  • Identify specialized testing needs
  • Establish defect reporting and tracking mechanism
  • Define a test schedule
  • Governance of test metrics

In-Development testing

We engage with development team and continuously test application to ensure that application quality meets the defined benchmark. Following testing activities are carried out during development phase:

  • Write test scenarios and test cases
  • Create the various test suite like Sanity, Smoke, Build Acceptance, Regression etc.
  • Perform functional and UI testing during sprint/iteration
  • Automate as per feasibility and requirement
  • Manage the defect life cycle
  • Deliver test reports and certified builds
  • Generate and share the test metrics
  • Retrospect and perform RCA for continuous quality improvements

Post-Development testing

We perform elaborate testing to certify the application for release during hardening sprint. This includes the following:

  • Integration and system testing
  • Compatibility testing to ensure conformance on various OS versions and devices
  • Non-functional testing - Security, Performance, Network, Interrupt etc.
  • Installation and upgrade testing
  • User acceptance testing ( customer defined, if needed)
  • App store compliance testing
  • Usability testing

Specialized testing

We cover specialized testing needs driven by the business needs. Some of such testing needs are:

  • Localization and Internationalization testing
  • Accessibility compliance testing
  • Backward compatibility testing with various enterprise server versions
  • Security testing for industry specific compliance
  • Client’s networks/carrier specific testing
  • Testing on custom devices
  • Testing applications for IoT and Wearables specific use cases
  • Integration testing with various EMM tools like AirWatch, MobileIron etc.

Testing Spectrum

  • Functional
    • Functional
    • Regression
    • User Acceptance
    • Smoke
    • Non-functional
      • Security
      • Performance
      • Network
      • Interrupt
      • App Store compliance
      • Installation and Upgrade
    • Compatibility
      • Devices
      • Browsers
      • OS Versions
    • GUI and Usability
      • UI Testing
      • Usability
    • Specialized Testing
      • Internationazation
      • Accesibility
      • EMM Integration
      • Customer Device, IoT and Wearable

Transility has a well-established mobile test lab with devices ranging across platforms and OS versions, experienced QA engineers skilled on various automation tools like UFT, iOS instruments, Robotium, MonkeyTalk etc. Additionally, we have our own mobile test automation toolD mAutomate, which enables us to offer best-in-class test automation in cost effective and time efficient manner.

Based on how an enterprise wants to engage with us, we customize our managed testing workflow and deliver specific testing services.