Native Technologies

Transility offers mobile application development on all popular mobile platforms as per the need of product. We have expertise in developing applications using device hardware capabilities like bar code reading, OCR, NFC, LBS based navigation, directions, map view, geo tracking/ tagging/ fencing etc. across all popular mobile platforms.

    Our platform specific technical expertise highlights are as follows
  • iOS
    • Application development using COCOA Touch and Swift
    • iBeacon powered apps
    • TouchID based authentication
    • Interactive Info graphical data representation
    • Universal application development for iPad and iPhone
    • Application profiling/test automation using instrument
    • Relational Database intensive application using NSCoreData and SQLite
    • Local and Remote Push notification (APNS) usage
  • Android
    • Common installable for diverse Android OS, form factors, and devices via
      • Backward compatibility feature support for different Android OS
      • Flexible and adaptive UI design for single/multi-pane devices, diverse screen resolutions/sizes
    • Interactive UI based Charting, Reporting
    • Relational Database Intensive application using SQLite
    • Data sharing across application using content provider
    • Native widget development
    • UI customization for rich UI and animation based applications with features like view, drag and drop, list reordering, etc.
    • Android to Blackberry 10 Platform repackaging
    • Native development using NDK
    • Push notification (GCM)
  • Windows Phone
    • UI customization for rich UI and animation based applications
    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications for multiple platforms via:
      • Segregating platform-independent business code in respective ViewModel (Model-View-ViewModel) approach
      • Separating entire business code in common portable class library (PCL) compatible with all the platforms (WPF platforms)
    • Effective usage of Expression Studio
      • UX designing and rapid prototyping
      • UI development
      • Data binding with MVVM
    • Application development for Windows with managed and unmanaged code
  • BlackBerry
    • Customized RTSP and RTP stacks implementation
    • Advanced graphics/navigation UIs (tabbed etc.) similar to iPhone, with the help of pre-fabricated components
    • Effective cache management using existing frameworks such as Persistent Store, RMS, file system, etc.
    • BlackBerry monitoring (BES and device side)
    • BBM connected apps
    • Cloud storage
    • Media Manager on the BlackBerry platform
    • Application development for BlackBerry using Java, QNX, Adobe Air and Webworks
  • J2ME
    • Rich UI development using LWUIT, Form, and Canvas
    • Rich feature application development using advance JSRs


Transility blends the native device richness with the associated application innovatively and artistically for web-driven mobile applications using advanced HTML5.

    Our expertise includes:
  • Application development using Cordova (PhoneGap) and appIt container
  • Integration of Open Source frameworks like JQuery mobile, JQTouch, Hammer, AngularJS, Sencha Touch, Dojo, BootStrap , LESS etc. with HTML5
  • Liquid layouts for multi-screen UIs
  • Local storage, multimedia handling, semantics and forms, graphics, etc.
  • A single code-based architecture model for multi-platform presentations
  • Optimizing the client-server communication architecture
  • Hybrid framework that bundles the HTML5 based view layer with native platform containers, to create deployable builds

Smart Tvs

Transility excels in developing notification rich Smart TV applications using various SDKs names as appleTV, SamsugTV, googleTV, etc. The challenges of application targeted for TVs include user interaction model and interface presentation models. For TVs, we use 10 feet UI principle for presentation, key/ sensor based interactions to deliver rich user experience.


Beacon is a small hardware that works over Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol (BLE) to detect indoor locations. It requires mobile device solution to intercept information received from specified Beacon.

At Transility, we develop iBeacon protocol-based solutions for iOS and Android platform that can be used in B2C segment like supermarket or workplace to guide users to find specific sections in closed premises.

Wireless Protocols

Transility excels in implementing and customizing various RFC’s of standard protocols like RTSP, RTP, IMPS, MAPI, VNC, and SIP.

Our expertise includes

  • Wireless village and IMPS stacks implementation on J2me, BB, Android and iOS
  • Custom implementation of VnC server on mobile devices and VnC Robot on the desktop end
  • MAPI implementation for push email client
  • Customized RTSP and RTP implementation at BlackBerry
  • SIP for Voice over IP applications along with Messaging on Android