Product Development


Technology Evaluation Services

Are you looking for a technology partner that can help convert your idea into a working proof of concept?

Transility offers research and proof-of-concept development services for mobility and connected device domain. We research on the various aspects of mobility to identify important facts that helps you take better technology decisions.

We offer the following services:

  • Research on any particular technical need or feasibility concern
  • Developing proof-of-concept for a proposed technical solution

We have a dedicated team to research on the latest in mobility and connected world. We take care of your research and evaluation needs and deliver results in time.

Application Development

Are you looking for an engineering partner for mobile application development?

Transility offers full lifecycle application development services, right from requirement gathering to application deployment and support. With vast experience spanning across all major mobile platforms, we can create solutions for most challenging business mobility problems.

We offer the following services:

  • Rapid application prototyping
  • Application architecture and design
  • UX designing for all popular mobile platforms and custom devices
  • Application development using native and hybrid approach
  • Section-508 compliance (as per the requirement)
  • Testing (manual /automated)
  • Deployment assistance (OEM and enterprise App stores)
  • Post production maintenance and support

Our applications has some inherent values like:

  • Resolution neutral build that supports wide range of devices and OSS
  • Internationalization ready resource bundling
  • White labeling enabled UI layer
  • Secure and high performing application
  • Extensible, modular, and integration friendly

Transility partners with you to work as a virtual extension of your team. We combine deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability, and homegrown technology enablers to build cutting-edge applications that meet customer's changing business requirements. We deliver value for money and enable you to achieve early time to market.

User Experience Design

Are you looking for visualization of your product for mobile devices?

Transility offers creation of User Experience design (UXD or UED) across connected devices. Our design principles of ‘Usability’ and ‘Simplicity’ empower us to deliver best-in-class user experience. We follow User Centric Design (UCD) methods as well as Lean UX principles for complete end-to-end design assignments. At the same time we are open to adapt Big Design Up Front (BDUF) or other design approaches.

We offer following UX design services:

Interface Design Blueprinting

We materialize the design on the basis of user research, problem definitions, industry domain, and the medium of delivery like touch or key/ pointer driven devices with technology consideration. This includes development of

  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototype

in the form of Design sketches, videos, key wireframes etc.

Visual Design

We derive Visual language for an interface based on grid based layouts, ratio based models, responsive visual behaviors, visual feedbacks, interactive transitions, and parent brand values. The visual design is delivered in the form of Comprehensive style guide, graphic assets, vector/SVG artworks, icon glyphs typefaces.

Our seasoned UX architects work closely with product owners and end users to understand their vision and expectations. We produce designs that provides ease of use and pleasure in interactions to end users and enhances user satisfaction.

Performance Optimization

Are you looking for improving the performance of your mobile applications?

Transility offers end to end performance optimization services for mobile applications. During our long journey of mobile application development, we have identified various challenges and factors contributing to low performance. This experience helps us to make your applications work better in diverse environments. Our services includes:

  • Measurement of various performance parameters like Application response time, Battery, CPU and Memory usage across devices, browsers and OS versions
  • Identify the system bottlenecks after analyzing above metrics
  • Devise and implement the solutions to address bottlenecks and verify the optimized performance

We have experience with variety of mobile performance tools like Xamarin Test cloud, Cloud test etc. Our mobile test automation tool mAutomate also provides performance metrics effortlessly during functional test execution.

Wearable Application Development

At Transility, we offer wearable application development for various wear technologies like Google Glass Development Kit (GDK), Android Wear, Apple Watch Kit, etc. We also provide wearable enablement for mobile applications across all popular mobile platforms.

Our services include:

  • User Experience Design based on wear technology specific UX guidelines
  • Design and development of wearable applications for the target wear technology
  • Testing of wearable apps on target wear devices
  • Wearable enablement support for mobile applications

Embedded Android

At Transility, we have expertise on working at various layers of Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to develop multiple Android powered solutions including Automotive IVI, Field force solution, etc. Our portfolio features some accelerator solutions to help create embedded systems with required customization, feature locking, policy compliance, and control.

Our services include:

  • Android Open Source Porting for new devices
  • Custom Android build upgrade to new Android version
  • Android customization as per System on Chip (SoC)
  • Building Android enabled custom terminals
  • Device recommendations
  • Custom branding
  • UX considerations
  • In-built restrictions - email, App install, etc.
  • Integration with third party hardware and software
  • Removal and customization of pre-loaded applications
  • Development and addition of new pre-built apps
  • Driver replacement at HAL

Migration (W2M, Platform)

At Transility, over the period of time we have developed some accelerator solutions that help us in migrating the existing web solutions to cover desired mobile platforms timely. We also offer platform migration services (using Native and Hybrid approach) to all leading mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.

  • mXeleratePlatform neutral rapid application development framework for mobiles
  • AppitManaged secure hybrid solution enabler for business applications
  • mAutomateTest automation tool that automates mobile application testing
  • Android Governancesolution for in-built device management, policy compliance, and security
  • Unified PushDispatching multi platform notifications for time and business critical events
  • Remote device Cloud Manager‘Raspberry Pi’for administrative operations over remote multi platform devices


mXelerate, is rapid application development framework for native mobile applications across mobile platforms. It features a set of pre-fabricated, reusable infra components like:

  • Application infrastructure based on multi-controller MVC architecture pattern and provides necessary hooks and abstraction.
  • Communication (Network) Service Infrastructure to provide generic interface for different modes of communications like HTTP, Bluetooth, Socket.
  • Data Storage Infrastructure to provide generic interface (CRUD operations) for platform-specific persistent storage modes like SQLite, RMS, Persistent Store, or as records on file system.
  • Utility service hub for operations related to Location, File, Contacts, Media, etc.
  • Ready to use client services/connectors for Interaction with:
    • Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
    • Open Google places Web services like check in, search, report, etc.

And “Application Design Wizard” that helps in automated generation of application skeleton with selected infra components and saves application design implementation time.

It assures minimal platform migration effort for business code of target application and helps to reduce design and development effort considerably across platforms


appIt is a managed secure hybrid solution enabler for business mobile applications. It offers multiplatform supported mobile applications development for business flows (interactions) using seamless amalgamation of Native (iOS/Android/WP8) and Web (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) technologies. Its Secure Native Container provides enterprise class security for “data at rest”, additional encryption (if required) for “data on move” along with business flow management capability in cost effective manner.

It addresses key concerns of business mobility solutions in effort-optimized manner

  • Multiplatform supported mobile solutions
  • Data Security for enterprise data-at-rest and additional encryption for data-on-move
  • Enterprise Data Gateway to provide well defined data exchange channel
  • Remote Data and Business flow management

Its inherent enterprise class security and manageability in hybrid applications makes it unique and complete for business mobile applications. This unique attribute reduces total cost of ownership of entire solution.


mAutomate is a test automation tool that automates mobile application testing. It enables testing on cloud hosted mobile devices – without rooting or jail breaking – running on actual operators networks. It supports all popular mobile platforms and automation for native, mobile web and hybrid applications

    Key features are:
  • Easy interface for a short learning curve
  • Automation and scheduling features
  • Record once, Run multiple times
  • Instant addition of assertions and regressions using web interface Any Device, Any Location
  • User-owned device cloud for authorized access
  • Auto-installation of apps on remote devices without rooting or jail breaking

With mAutomate, testing is no longer an expensive chore, but is an active contributor to development.

Android Governance

Android governance enhances the in-built device management, policy compliance and security provided by vanilla Android platform and provides a mature administrator console for IT to take control of custom Android based devices. The core enhancements includes

  • Fine-grained device management covering
    • Communication
    • Application
    • Call/data expenses
  • Extensible to accommodate tailored policies.
  • Enhanced security features covering device encryption
  • multi-user management per device
  • Provision to bind enterprise login at device launcher
  • LDAP integration for user management
  • Supports custom enterprise branding

Android governance is suitable for headless as well as headful Android based smartphones, tablets, IoTs or any smart embedded system.

Unified Push

Dispatching notifications for time and business critical event is one of the inevitable requirements of enterprise grade mobile solutions; Push notification is the required technology backbone to achieve this.

Unified Push notification gateway is a generic solution to cater the PUSH notification needs of any mobile solutions across popular mobile platforms. It offers easy to integrate module to take care of push notification needs at server end in unified manner and can be used for native as well as hybrid mobile applications.

All popular mobile platforms supports PUSH notification but demands different kind of API handling at Enterprise Server end and Mobile device end. Unified Push Notification abstracts platform specific implementation that reduces complexity involved and development efforts.

Remote device Cloud Manager

Remote device cloud manager (RDCM) powered by ‘Raspberry Pi’ enables you to perform administrative operations at array of remote devices of different platforms on cellular network / WI-FI.

    Core administrative task includes
  • Install/uninstall applications
  • Device restart
  • File transfer
  • Logs collection
  • Screen capture

It prevents the hurdle of managing multiple remote devices individually. This solution can be used in security and surveillance systems, mobile test automation system and Internet-of-Things (IoT)