Enterprise Mobility


Enterprise Mobility Strategy Consulting

Are you looking for consulting that embraces the possibilities of enterprise mobility to create value in your business?

Our consultants can help you define and deliver winning strategy by leveraging the power of mobility. We conduct Enterprise Mobility workshops to understand your business processes and context. Our mobility experts work with you to identify business processes, functions and operations, which can be transformed by employing mobility to enhance ROI. Along with mobility business value strategy, we develop the technology and execution plan covering application development, security, and infrastructure.

Our Enterprise Mobility consultants can help you:

  • Provide visualization of enterprise mobility fitment and value in business context
    • Business process and business function to be transformed
      • Time and business critical use case(s) to be mobile enabled
    • New opportunities/ROI from mobility
  • Define sound strategy and execution plan for enterprise mobility initiative of a customer enterprise
    • Enterprise Data security analysis and recommendations
    • Mobile platforms, device models and development approach (native or cross platform) recommendations
    • Identification and recommendation for purpose built devices (as required)
    • BYOD, CYOD or COPE strategy specifications
    • Solution deployment considerations
    • Phased plan to rollout enterprise mobile along with milestones

Solution Blueprinting

Do you want to understand the possible solutions and ballpark costing for mobile enablement of your business process/ problem?

Our Solution Blueprinting consultants can help you:

  • Offers solution elaboration for given business problem/abstract idea, covering all technical aspects of solution
  • Executes a proof of concept on a key use case to validate the solution
  • Provides ball-park estimates forthe solution

We work closely with you to identify various use case(s), non-functional requirements, and data security needs for data-on-move/ data-at-rest. Our “Device Spectrum Analyzer” solution helps to understand devices and platform usages within your enterprise to support BYOD.

Our enterprise mobility architects takes a holistic approach to deliver a comprehensive solution document covering the following:

  • Use case diagram
  • System Requirements Specification
  • Device platform & Device Recommendation
  • Technology stack Recommendation
  • High level System Architecture including Deployment Recommendations/li>

Solution Design and Development

Is delivering enterprise mobility solutions on time and within budget preventing you from leveraging new technologies?

Our Solution design and development consultants can help you with the following services:

  • Mobile Gateways (Data Connectors) Development
  • Mobile User Experience Development
  • Mobile Gamified Experience Development
  • Mobile Client Application(Native / Hybrid / Mobile web ) Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing

Our solutions empower you to progress with high velocity on enterprise mobility and release new features/ products ahead of competitions. You can choose to utilize the complete offering or a subset.

Transility takes full ownership of your mobile solutions from conceptualization to deployment and maintenance. Our application development model uses some unique solution catalysts (mExelerate, mAutomate, and appIt), owns collection of best practices, and assets to accelerate application development, testing, and maintenance services.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services

Want to harness the power of enterprise mobility without compromising on user experience, corporate data security, and personal privacy?

Transility Enterprise Mobility Management helps you harness the power of mobility. With mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile content management (MCM), it empowers you to progress with high velocity on enterprise mobility while having required IT compliance in place.

Our EMM service offers:

  • Analysis of business flows and identification of security, compliance, and other manageability needs
  • Recommendation for appropriate EMM solution components as per needs
  • Adding manageability and monitoring support in enterprise mobile applications
  • Integration, deployment, and configuration service of EMM solution components with enterprise apps, enterprise servers, enterprise directory services, etc.
  • Development of customized MxM solution like MAM, MDM, etc. as per business need

Transility has deep expertise in working on various EMM solutions with market leaders like MobileIron, Airwatch, Good, etc. We also offer our own cost-effective MxM solution (Enterprise Android, appIt MAM) that can be rapidly customized and deployed as per your specific enterprise needs.


  • On-Demand Mobile Services Platform
  • Bravish

  • Development Frameworks

  • mXeleratePlatform neutral rapid application development framework for mobiles
  • appEzManaged secure hybrid solution enabler for business mobile applications
  • mAutomateTest automation tool that automates mobile application testing
  • Android GovernanceSolution for in-built device management, policy compliance, and security
  • Unified PushDispatching multi platform notifications for time and business critical events
  • Remote device Cloud Manager‘Raspberry Pi’, for administrative operations over remote multi platform devices

  • Enterprise Solutions

  • Enterprise AndroidSecurity, expense, and organizational policies compliance for Android driven Corporate devices
  • Unified Data GatewaySecure and optimized Enterprise data access over mobile clients at non-trusted networks
  • Device Spectrum AnalyzerInformation related to mobile platforms and device models over your business arena

  • Customizable Off-the Shelf Solutions


On-Demand Mobile Services (ODMS) Platform

Technology backbone for your business.

It’s a Platform as-a Service offering, helping you deliver better services to your customers and manage day-to-day operations of your On-Demand Mobile Services business at ease.

Our ODMS platform takes care of complete lifecycle of On-Demand Mobile Services business, where demand is generated online from mobile devices and fulfilled offline. As an aggregator business, you can focus on getting more Customers and Service Providers on-board, while we take care of complete technology needs of your business operations.

How it helps your business?

It’s a platform to manage mobile compliant website for your business, helping you to reach wider audience. It manages list of your Customers, your Service Providers and drives mobile applications for them. You can improve upon your network of Service Providers, manage and monitor them. Get a track of all Service requests from your Customers and respective response from your Service Providers network.

    Key benefits:
  • Faster time to market
  • No technology hassles
  • Wider mass reach
  • Better and quick service delivery

How it helps Service Providers?

Platform empowers your Service Providers to deliver Services on time with ease. Mobile app for your Service Provider helps them to respond, track and to take quick actions on Service requests from your Customers.

How it helps Customers?

Mobile application helps Customers to quickly and easily create Service requests, track them to count on time and pay for the services received on site.


With Android’s high penetration, and growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, it has become imperative for Enterprises to support Android for business operation(s). Enterprise use of Android brings the need of management, governance of Enterprise Data and Applications running on employee devices. This is where BRVISH can be used.

BRVISH is a highly customizable Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution for smart phones, tablets and purpose built android devices. It also provides few key capabilities of Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for effective management and governance of enterprise applications and data.

It also provides the capability to monitor and manager other enterprise IoT devices like vehicles and appliances.

BRVISH is specifically designed, catering, key and most used app policy management needs of all enterprise and eliminating overhead of not so common/relevant large set of policies of traditional solutions, thus making it cost-effective and best fit for all kind of enterprises. BRVISH as a solution provisions to add new custom policies as per business specific need.

Key Features
  • Support for BYOD and COPE, Purpose built and IoT devices
  • Application Policy Management – for effective governance of business applications via app policies tailored for business specific needs. Policies like:
    • App Install Policy
    • App Retire Policy
    • Block Screen Capture Policy
    • Restricting Copy Paste Policy
    • Encryption Policy
    • Date Time Sync Check Policy
    • Camera Usage Policy
    • Root compromise Policy
    • Wipe Policy
  • Enterprise App Store
    • Role and user based app install policy
    • Auto download and force install prompt of mandatory business App(s)
    • Auto download and timely prompts of business app updates
    • App retire
    • Assured governance with restricting business app execution if BRVISH device agent is missing or user is not signed in.
  • Advance User Management allowing integration with enterprise active directory
  • Device Management
    • Device Enrolment & Approval (only authorized devices)
    • Device Info & Locate device
    • Complete wipe, forced lock and password reset
  • Application Configuration Management
  • Application Content Management
    • Remote CRUD operations on application data and files
  • Violation tracking
    • Forced lock and Admin password login
  • Advance Traffic Control and management via IP whitelisting & filtering

Development Frameworks


mXelerate is a rapid application development framework for native mobile applications across mobile platforms. It features a set of pre-fabricated, reusable infra components like:

  • Application infrastructure based on multi-controller MVC architecture pattern to provides necessary hooks and abstraction.
  • Communication (Network) Service Infrastructure to provide generic interface for different modes of communications like HTTP, Bluetooth, and Socket
  • Data Storage Infrastructure to provide generic interface (CRUD operations) for platform-specific persistent storage modes like SQLite, RMS, PersistentStore, or as records on file system
  • Utility service hub for operations related to location,file,contacts,media, etc
  • Ready to use client services/connectors for Interaction with:
    • Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
    • Open Google places Web services like check in, search, report, etc.

An Application Design Wizard” that helps in automated generation of application skeleton with selected infra components and saves application design implementation time. It assures minimal platform migration effort for business code of target application and helps to reduce design and development effort considerably across platforms.


appEz is a managed secure hybrid solution enabler for business mobile applications. It offers multiplatform supported mobile applications development for business flows (interactions) using seamless amalgamation of Native (iOS/ Android/ WP8) and Web (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) technologies. Its Secure Native Container provides enterprise class security for “data at rest”, additional encryption (if required) for “data on move” along with business flow management capability in cost effective manner.

appIt addresses the key concerns of business mobility solutions in effort-optimized manner with features like:

  • Multiplatform supported mobile solutions
  • Data Security for enterprise data-at-rest and additional encryption for data-on-move
  • Enterprise Data Gateway to provide well defined data exchange channel
  • Remote Data and Business flow management

Its inherent enterprise class security and manageability in hybrid applications makes it unique and complete for business mobile applications. This unique attribute reduces total cost of ownership of entire solution.


mAutomate is a test automation tool that automates mobile application testing. It enables test run of Cloud hosted mobile devices on operators’ networks without rooting or jail breaking. It supports all popular mobile platforms and automation for native, mobile web, and hybrid applications.

    The key features of mAutomate are:
  • Easy interface for a short learning curve
  • Automation and scheduling features
  • Record once, Run multiple times
  • Instant addition of assertions and regressions using web interface of any device from any location
  • User-owned device cloud for authorized access
  • Auto-installation of apps on remote devices without rooting or jail breaking

With mAutomate, testing is no longer an expensive chore, but is an active contributor to development.

Android Governance

Android governance is a solution that enhances in-built device management, policy compliance, and security provided by Vanilla Android platform and provides a mature administrator console for the IT to take control of custom Android based devices. The core enhancements includes:

  • Fine-grained device management covering
    • Communication
    • Application
    • Call/data expenses
  • Extensible to accommodate tailored policies.
  • Enhanced security features covering device encryption
  • multi-user management per device
  • Provision to bind enterprise login at device launcher
  • LDAP integration for user management
  • Custom enterprise branding support

Android governance is suitable for headless as well as headful Android based smartphones, tablets, IoTs, or any smart embedded system.

Unified Push Notification Gateway

Dispatching notifications for time and business critical event is one of the inevitable requirements of enterprise grade mobile solutions. Unified Push notification gateway is a generic solution to cater to the push notification needs of any mobile solutions across popular mobile platforms. It offers easy to integrate module to integrate push notification at server and can be used for native as well as hybrid mobile applications.

All popular mobile platforms supports Push notification but demands different kind of API handling for enterprise server and mobile device. Unified Push Notification abstracts platform specific implementation to reduce development efforts.

Remote Device Cloud Manager

Remote Device Cloud Manager (RDCM) powered by ‘Raspberry Pi’ enables you to perform administrative operations at an array of remote devices of different platforms on cellular network / Wi-Fi.

    RDCM helps you in:
  • Install/uninstall applications
  • Device restart
  • File transfer
  • Logs collection
  • Screen capture

It prevents the hurdle of managing multiple remote devices individually. This solution can be used in security and surveillance systems, mobile test automation system, and Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Android

Android is a cost-effective platform for corporate-owned devices owing to its Open Source nature, commercial-friendly license, and robust architecture. However, concerns regarding security, expense, and organizational policies compliance has led to a high demand for devices powered by an enterprise-ready Android.

Our Enterprise Android solution is a white-labelled custom policy and device management solution for corporate-owned Android powered devices. It supports the following:

  • Fine grained management of user communication, applications and expenses
  • Device level compliance actions like full wipe and remote device locking
  • Security features like device encryption
  • Multi-user management per device
  • Provision to bind enterprise login at device launcher
  • LDAP integration
  • Firmware OTA (FOTA) upgrade system

Transility has strategic tie-ups with device hardware vendors for delivering custom branded and enterprise tailored devices. We have the expertise to deliver and support purpose-built mobile handheld solution that is cost-effective, manageable, and secure.

Unified Data Gateway

With data being accessed from heterogeneous data sources inside the enterprise firewall, secured optimized data transfer is crucial for enterprise mobile solutions.

Unified Data Gateway guarantees secure and optimized data access between enterprise data sources and targeted mobile client application at non-trusted networks. It is an application independent data exchange layer to provide well-defined data exchange channel between mobile application and enterprise server.

Unified Data Gateway supports the following:

  • Additional encryption for data on move as per the need of business.
  • Time efficient data parsing capability for multiplatform supported mobile hybrid or native client applications.
  • Standard Data Connector(s) which provides unified data exchange interface to exchange data with standard data sources like ERP, CRM, CMS etc.
  • Custom Data Connector(s) which provides placeholder to create data connector for legacy enterprise specific data sources

Device Spectrum Analyzer

Which mobile platforms and platform versions are supported by mobile applications to cater to the intended user base?

Device Spectrum Analyzer helps enterprises collect the required information related to mobile platforms and device models used by targeted user base effortlessly. Enterprises can use this information to streamline their mobility plan and prioritize the target mobile platforms for rolling out enterprise mobility solutions in a phased manner.

Customizable Off-the Shelf solutions

Saving Life through Golden Hour

Critical60 is the solution, centered on management of trauma patient through Golden Hour (first 60 minutes), while on transit to the trauma center from the site of a mishap. This is a tablet driven solution which connects ambulance with a trauma center or vice versa with real time vital data.
Critical60 on a tablet at ambulance enables para medical staff:

  • To select the nearest trauma center from the site of pick up
  • To capture medical vital statistics of a patient in an easy and natural fashion on the move
  • To get the medical history from MRS of the patient on board
  • At trauma center, Critical60 helps medical staff:
  • To arrange the amenities for treatment of patient in time before ambulance arrives
  • Live status of ambulances on the move including ambulance geo-information
  • To get the real time information of monitored medical vitals for patient
  • Drugs administered and treatments given by the ambulance staff

Critical60 empowers your staff to save life by taking right actions through Golden Hour.

Building Mobile Hospital

Jasmine is an offering for Hospital to empower their patients. Jasmine's mobile application is installed on your patient's mobile and help them:

  • To find a doctor/specialist across the branches within given city/location
  • To book prior appointment & get notifications
  • To get driving directions and navigate to Hospital for appointment
  • To get Hospital group news and events resulting into better engagement

Jasmine's web application empowers your doctors to view all the patients, appointment schedule for the given date.

Monitoring on the move

LiveMo is a solution to help your nursing staff to keep vigil on all allocated patients's health vitals anywhere, anytime. LiveMo consumes real time vital medical monitoring data through medical devices, and make it available for nurses and doctors on their tablets. It helps nursing staff:

  • To get real time information of patient's vital health monitoring
  • To get critical notification for the given patient
  • To send critical notification to the concern authorities for quick action
  • To have a video call over the tablet with concerned doctor
  • To get medical history, test reports and records for reference, anytime, anywhere for any patient

End-to-End Service Management

FieldOpera is a customizable off-the-shelf service management solution to provide required software infrastructure to take care of complete lifecycle of a service request in the context of Field Service Management. This solution covers all aspects of system right from customer to field professional.

Key features:
  • A simple easy to use field service management solution
  • Customizable Branding (white-labeled solution)
  • Real time service request tracking
  • Effective channel for customer interaction
  • Optimized remote work management
  • Real time work load balancing / allocation
  • Remote work environment (online/offline) for field worker
  • Ideal for business with large/medium infrastructure

Real estate biz on mobile

Mobile Estate helps in transforming the engagement of Real Estate companies with its Prospects, Channel Partners and Customers.

    For Prospects:
  • New projects launched as ‘Mobile App’
  • Site Plan / Layout / Price List on mobile
  • Inventory (display of availability is made transparent to all)
  • Mobile Booking, E- Boucher / Virtual walk
  • Social Integration
  • For Channel Partner: (above + on login)
  • Blocking of selected units for 24hrs
  • Points, Badges and Leader Boards
  • For Customers: (above + on login)
  • Access to account ledger & outstanding payment
  • Construction status update for booked unit and Payment notifications

Sales on the go

Saleswand is the mobile CRM solution,driven by SalesForce as its back end. Saleswand empowers

Sales professionals

on the move:

  • To get real time sales insights
  • To get bucketed set of actionable data for actions to improve upon the Sales figures
  • To optimize their day-to-day sales activities to achieve better results
  • Bundled with smart utilities, Saleswand is leveled for various roles of sales covering Sales Territory head, Territory Sales Manager , and Sales Representatives